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Dear guests,

In order for you to enjoy a relaxed and above all safe stay, we have developed a detailed hygiene plan based on the current official requirements.

Your self-responsibility in dealing with hygiene regulations has already helped to curb the pandemic. We therefore ask you to pay close attention to all hygiene regulations and information during your stay with us.

General hygiene instructions

  • Please always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters and follow the signs and distance markings within the hotel
  • The tables in our restaurant are set with a minimum distance of 2 meters
  • Before entering the hotel or the restaurant please disinfect your hands at the disinfection stations
  • Cough and Sneeze hygiene rules must be strictly followed
  • Our staff is well trained in employment protection, hygiene standards and their handling
  • Our staff will provide you with additonal information and assitance if required
  • Elevators may only be used by people from shared rooms
  • On arrival you must assure that you have no respiratory infections
  • In case of a proven infection during your stay, you will immediately return to your principal residence
  • You will sign an agreement that the hotel will record your full contact details fort he purpose of documenting possible infection chains

Reservation at our restaurant Felix

  • Please reserve a table in advance and give us your full contact details
  • All reservations should be made via email
  • Each time you make a booking, you automatically agree that we will register your personal data for the purpose of traceability, in accordance with the current Covid 19 regulations
  • To avoid unplanned overlaps, we will have our tables for dinner once from 17:30 and a second time from 20:00. Please let us know if you are planning a different or longer stay.
  • We will gladly try to take your individual wishes into account.
  • The restaurant will be open until 23:00
  • Please be patient if it takes a little more time to get in. We place you individually and
  • before the mandatory disinfection measures must be completed.
  • In order to avoid unwanted points of contact, we have defined an entrance and an exit. In
  • the entrance area, distance markings and hand disinfection stations are installed.
  • We also ask you to use our WC facilities as individually as possible and to consider other guests accordingly, so that the distance and hygiene regulations can also be observed thereand in the access area. We therefore ask our house guests to use the toilet facilities of the inhabited hotel room.


  • Our hotel breakfast is arranged as a display counter, where you can approach in one-way regulation and select the dishes prepared ready for serving. Our staff will provide you with portions of these. Everything else is prepared in closed individual glasses and is ready for self-service
  • Please disinfact your hands before entering the counter area
  • Coffee pots are provided on the tables, the surfaces of which have of course been disinfected beforehand
  • After each table change, the table surfaces and other surfaces touched by you and our team will be cleaned and disinfected
  • We therefore ask for your patience,unless a table is immediately available for you. It serves your and our safety and ensures an optimal hygiene standard.

Hotel rooms

  • Our rooms will be handed over to you in a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected condition.
  • During your stay, please pay attention to extensive and regular airing of the room
  • We have removed magazines and guides, as well as our room A-Z, in order to avoid the risk of infection. If necessary, our reception will be happy to help you
  • All the laundry parts used (towels and flat linen) were previously washed at a temperature of at least 60°C and thoroughly lacked. Bedspreads and additional are removedand can only be provided by our housekeeping team if required
  • Our housekeeping team only enters the hotel rooms when you have left the room and wears mouthguards and disposable gloves during room cleaning.


  • We kindly ask you to make the payment of our invoice cashless at check out.
  • We will disinfect key cards for the protection of our next guests and our team after your return.


  • Cosmetic treatments can only be taken after pre-reservation
  • Sauna use is only allowed for individual persons or in hotel room communities.
  • Cosmetic treatments (cosmetics and pedicures) can be booked on the following days:

    Monday 09:00-14:00
    Tuesday 15:00-21:00
    Saturday 09:00-15:00
    Sunday 11:00-18:00
  • Sauna use is possible after pre-reservation at the following times:

    Monday-Friday 15:00-21:00
    Saturday-Sunday 11:00-21:00
    Please note that we can only reserve one sauna session per day for each guest/shared room.
    Through this we want to ensure that each of our guests has the opportunity to use our sauna.
  • Our fitness room can be reserved at the following times:

    Monday-Friday 15:00-21:00
    Saturday-Sunday 11:00-21:00
  • All spacing and hygiene regulations of our company must be complied with.

    Wellness treatments cannot be offered at the moment. We keep our guests up to date on our website.